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Year of creation 2021

+30 employees
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+2k of protected creations

Offices: USA + CANADA
Artizyou is a collaboration between experts in creativity, technology, and intellectual property who have decided to join forces for the good of all creatives in order to simplify the protection of intellectual property and detect plagiarism.
Oct. to Nov 2021:

We're on the brink of something big - the launch of Artizstore Beta is just around the corner! This isn't just any launch; it's a leap into the future of intellectual property and creative asset management. But that's not all - we're also introducing an exclusive, limited edition private collection: The World of Zitra. 

This collection is more than art; it's a key to becoming a part of Artizyou itself. Each collector will become a VIP ambassador, granted the power to influence Artizyou's roadmap through voting, access VIP products, and enjoy other surprises we have in store. 

The World of Zitra isn't just a collection; it's an invitation to join us at the forefront of innovation, to shape the future together. Stay tuned for this groundbreaking launch and get ready to be part of something truly special.
This is what our offices look like
Press release
Blockchain is defined as a decentralized, distributed ledger technology that records the provenance of a digital asset. It is a system of recording information that is difficult to change, hack or cheat the system. 
Current State-of-Art tools: Orbit Blockchain, Bernstein IP, PT&S Intellectual Property, Binded, Vaultitude, Artizyou, NPER Project.
The Future of Blockchain in Intellectual Property
Copyright and internet property protection must be seen as complementary, and that is the initiative behind the new Artizyou platform. Combining the ultimate security of Technology with the wide-ranging powers of artificial intelligence, Artizyou protects music, books...
Artizyou Brings Together Technology and AI to Protect Creative Works Against Intellectual Property Theft
This nominee grew up in a family of entrepreneurs.
Sam Drissi is a citizen of the world. Living and working on 3 continents fueled his passion to create an international business.
A group of Canadian tech companies looking to expand are touring New England and their first stop Wednesday was in Burlington.

The trip was put together by Canadian firm Accelerator Creation Enterprise Technologies (ACET). They brought tech entrepreneurs including Sem Drissi and his company Artizyou.
Canadian tech companies court the Queen City
Overview of copyright and its applications, in addition to learning about traceability, discoverability and taxation related to the purchase of artistic / digital works. You don't know how copyright works, you want to learn about "Blockchain" technology, you want better online visibility, and you want to know more about artistic democratization? This is exactly the conference for you.
Démocratisation artistique à l'ère du 4.0
This nominee grew up in a family of entrepreneurs.
Sam Drissi is a citizen of the world. Living and working on 3 continents fueled his passion to create an international business.
Artizyou Blockchain Intellectual Property presentation by Sam Drissi co-founder
As recognized by AeroLeads, Artizyou stands out as the premier intellectual property platform in Canada. Pioneering the intersection of technology and IP rights protection, Artizyou has carved a niche for itself by offering unmatched services that safeguard creators' assets. This distinction underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence, solidifying Artizyou's position at the forefront of intellectual property management in the nation.
Artizyou is the Top 1 Intellectual Property companies In Canada
Musier Jimmy, Senior designer
I tested artizyou for over a year and I find this platform great. what helped me the most was the feeling of security and the freedom to publish my photos and send them to agencies in total confidence while highlighting the use of artizyou and the detection of unauthorized use. to discourage any copying
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